Hereford Ranch, Lake #2 (WY)

American Pointing Labrador Association Licensed Hunt

Saturday August 31, 2019
Sunday September 1, 2019

Hunt Location:
Hereford Ranch, Lake #2
Cheyenne, WY

Entries Close: Wednesday, August 21, 2019 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time(ET)

American Pointing Labrador Association

This hunt is held under the rules of the American Pointing Labrador Association.
No Retriever may compete in 2 different categories per licensed hunt.

Each Dog is limited to one (1) Licensed Hunt.
Running order will be posted on the APLA web page under the EVENTS TAB

The Hunt Test Chair, with the approval of the Hunt Test Committee, may choose to modify the conditions of the Test based on resources available, weather or other factors and will ensure that the changed conditions will be posted on the APLA web site 24 hours in advance of the Hunt Test under the EVENTS TAB and on the site if needed. All participants are encouraged to review the APLA website for possible updates.

Walk-ups by their nature cause extra work for the HTC, HTS, HTM and the Secretary and for that reason will require an additional handling fee of $25 per dog. This fee shall be collected along with the registration fee, proof of membership, application, and dog registration proof, before the dog is allowed to run.

No handler is allowed to run a dog without assurance that all fees have been paid and all appropriate documentation has been received by the APLA.

All dogs must be entered at the highest stake they intend to run for that test. Dogs may be shifted to a lower stake (with no refund for the difference) Dogs may only be entered in one stake per day.

Hunt Schedule & Entry Fees: Saturday August 31, 2019
Category Fee Start Judges
Certification  $95 7:30 AM Terry Thompson John Swindle
Advanced  $125 7:30 AM Nancy Rompa Kevin Eskam
Master  $150 7:30 AM Vic Rompa Lily Lo

Hunt Schedule & Entry Fees: Sunday September 1, 2019
Category Fee Start Judges
Certification  $95 7:30 AM Vic Rompa Nancy Rompa
Advanced  $125 7:30 AM Vic Rompa Nancy Rompa
Master  $150 7:30 AM John Swindle Lily Lo

Entries Close: Wednesday, August 21, 2019at 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time(ET)


P.O. BOX 1704

ENTRIES CLOSE AFTER Wednesday, August 21, 2019 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time(ET)

CLUB Hunt Secertary

Melissa Vancleave
8214 Surrey Rd
Cheyenne,WY 82009

Welcome Statement

The APLA welcomes you to the APLA Fall WY Test. Please obey all instructions from the Hunt Test Committee concerning parking and navigation. We thank the owners of the property and we ask all participants to follow all rules as posted by these owners.

Hunt Committee
Hunt Chairman
Fred Lysinger
Hunt Secretary
Melissa Vancleave
8214 Surrey Rd
Cheyenne,WY 82009

Additional Hunt Information

No Dog may compete in 2 different Categories per Day.
Owner and Handler must be an APLA member before they can enter an event.

Seminar: Friday at 4pm on the test grounds

"Membership Meeting" at Uncle Charlies 6001 Yellowstone Rd, Cheyenne, WY 82009 at 6:00 PM. Dale wants to meet with members and Todd from UKC will be there as well.

CPR Re-runs will be available on Sunday for those dogs that did not pass CPR on Sat New CPR registrants will be at the discretion of the HT Chair and will follow Walk-up rules
Scratches prior to closing date will be refunded by
After the closing date, all scratches will be handled based on the Club Scratch Policy specified below.
Club Scratch Policy

Before the close of the test all refunds will be addressed by Stake fee is fully refunded but the processing fee will be forfeited.
After the close of the test there will no no refunds except for bitches in season, illness, injury or death of a dog. The HTC reserves the right to request a veterinarian certificate. Such scratch must be made by notifying the Hunt test Secretary prior to the start of the test. Appeals of the Hunt Test Secretary’s refund decision by owner-members must be made to the Hunt Test Committee within 10 days of the end of the test.

Event Emergency and Veterinarian InformationIn an Emergency contact the HT Chair or Secretary for Vet contact information


* Red Lion Inn 204 W Fox Form rd 307-638-4466
* La Quinta Inn Exit 9 307-632-7117
* Super 8 1900 w Lincoln Way 307-635-8741

*denotes Dog Friendly

Lunch Information

No onsite lunches, but some area restaurants:

Sanfords: 115 E 17th 307-634-3381
Outback: 1626 Felich Pkwy 307-638-8171

Tailgate Information

No Banquet after the event on Saturday. Contact HTC for details

Hunt Location/Map/Directions

Cheyenne, WY
See map for Directions