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Arrowhead ESS Club COCKER Spaniel Field Trial

Monday February 20, 2023 (AM)(Event# : 2023366205)

Open All-Age-AM Monday February 20, 2023 (13)
Enzo Mallowdale Enzo of Countryways Nancibeth Clements Matthew Rawlinson(P)
Rig Omachie Cain An Righ Grant Wright Matthew Rawlinson(P)
Willett Willett Von Ginger James Riedman Matthew Rawlinson(P)
Kase FC Warrener’s Peregrine Falcon MHA Donna/Ron Hall Ron Hall(A)
Puck Kirby Mtn A Midsummer Night's Dream Jackie Juniker-Pitts Jackie Juniker-Pitts
River FC Chrokeva's Where The River Meets the Sea Jackie Juniker-Pitts Jackie Juniker-Pitts
Ghost Warrener's Southern Robin Vicky Thomas Paul McGagh(P)/Vicky L Thomas(A)
Inca Warrener's Inca Dove Vicky Thomas Paul McGagh(P)
Rocky Warrener's Pinion Jay Maurico Olvera Paul McGagh(P)
Snap FC Warrener’s Ashy Storm Petrel Vicky Thomas Paul McGagh/Vicky Thomas
Trio FC Fallen Wings Triple Threat Vicky Thomas Paul McGagh(P)/Vicky Thomas(A)
Tina Fenloch Brigand at OVWS Matthew Rawlinson Matthew Rawlinson(P)
Fern ENDOWOOD JURUPA Matthew Rawlinson Matthew Rawlinson(P)

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