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Rogue Valley Sporting Spaniel Club Water Test ** Judge Change**

Saturday April 23, 2022 (AM)(Event# : 2022750403)

Water Test-AM Saturday April 23, 2022
Entered (10)
Started (10)
3 Stella JC's Stellar Wind SH Jack Williams/Cindy Williams Cindy Williams(A) Pass
5 Figaro Thunderstruck Thief of Hearts Dolores Blake Dolores Blake(A) Pass
6 Lucy Saltaire Sassy Dan Delany Dan Delany(A) Pass
7 Jaye Rrk Heolybwlch's little Chance Jaye Andrea Mahorney Andrea Mahorney Pass
8 Buddy Sagebrush Sam III Jon Beernink Jon Beernink(A) Pass
9 Junior Sir Buckingham Junior Bob Brewer Bob Brewer(A) Pass
10 Flick JC's Chinook Tail Flick SH Jack Williams/Cindy Williams Jack Williams(A) Pass
1 Millie Devongem’s Got Grit Ann McGloon Ann McGloon(A)
2 Athena Goddess Athena James Wiota James Wiota
4 Shout RRKs Twist and Shout SH Andrea Mahorney Andrea Mahorney

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